A Docker-inspired workflow for OPA policies

Lottie the axolotl :)

Now available at openpolicyregistry.io!

A brief history

When we first started using OPA, we were impressed with how flexible it is as a general-purpose decision engine. We were familiar with using it for infrastructure scenarios (like k8s admission control), but thought we could extend its use to application and API authorization scenarios.

One thing we missed, though…

Building awesome apps with OPA just got easier.

OPA and the OPA logo design are registered trademarks of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

At Aserto, we use OPA heavily in our authorization API as the underlying decision engine. We’ve been looking for a simple way to compose our solution over the OPA engine, and the OPA SDK provided us with a good starting point.

We had some additional requirements, though: we wanted to


Welcome to modern authorization.

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